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For more than 32 years, Bronx Tree Care has been providing Bronx tree removal and tree care services to businesses and residents in the Bronx. Our commitment to provide expert care for your trees and to keep them looking great, and in the best health for as long as possible is our top priority. Proper tree care improves your property’s value and keeps your property safe. Bronx Tree Care offers trimming, pruning and tree removal service to the Bronx, and the surrounding areas.

Our team of tree experts offer the highest level of tree care and service. Our years of experience and commitment to doing the job right the first time is what our reputation is built on. Property owners in the Bronx all trust our tree experts to handle the needs of their Bronx trees. Our customers appreciate our dedication to service excellence and that we do it right the first time, all the time! Our work is efficient, safe, and affordable.

At Bronx Tree Care our services include storm damaged tree cleanup; such as hurricanes and ice storms, emergency limb removal, tree removal, lot clearing, stump grinding, tree trimming, pruning, and much more. Bronx Tree Care employees are skilled, experienced, and have the right tools to properly handle the any tree project.

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